Degrassi set to premiere 10 webisode series ‘champagne supernova’

Miles and Zig

On Tuesday, February 3, will premiere a brand new ‘Degrassi‘ webisode series titled, ‘Champagne Supernova.’

The series follows ‘Degrassi’ fan favourites, Zig and Miles, after they wake-up hungover and confused to find they’ve been handcuffed together. Neither Zig nor Miles have a clue what happened the night before and neither of them seem to have the key to unlock the cuffs.

As the hangover sets in the frenemies will begin to discover clues that lead them to a number of potential suspects. They will have to work together as a team to figure out what happened and to find the person that holds the key.

Following the online premiere of the webisode series there will be two polls posted on asking users to weigh in on what they think might have happened to Zig and Miles. Each week viewers will be able to vote for the cast member they believe is responsible and the person they think Zig and Miles might visit next based on clues revealed throughout the series.

So check out the chart below and get ready to vote on ‘Champagne Supernova: Who Dun’ It?‘ when the double-premiere of the first two webisodes goes live Tuesday night at 9e/6p on!

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