‘give me one reason’: watch the teaser for a new episode of ‘degrassi’

Shante Allen

The final season of Degrassi is flying by with another new episode airing tonight.

When a friend gives you advice, do you take it or leave it? Maya’s trying to fix things with Tristan while attempting to figure out what’s happening between her and Zig. Sure she has feelings for him, but she already promised her mom that nothing would happen between them in order for him to stay with the Maitlins. So when Tristan says that shouldn’t stop her, what should she do?

Imogen’s also doling out advice, this time to Hunter. She says to “be the hero of your own story.” Could the story she’s referring to possible be the comic that he drew about saving Arlene from the evil cheerleaders?

Get all the answers by tuning in to the final season of Degrassi on MTV, continuing TONIGHT at 9e/6p. If you need to catch up, you can watch the latest episodes on MTV.ca, and relive seasons 12 and 13 on CraveTV.