‘get it together’: watch the teaser for a new episode of ‘degrassi’

Shante Allen

Secrets are coming out on tonight’s new episode of Degrassi.

Becky and Jonah, our favourite conservative Christian couple, might be on the rocks. Jonah’s always had a bit of a bad boy image, but deep down, he’s really serious about his faith. So what’s going on when he admits to his girlfriend that he’s not a virgin? And more importantly, why doesn’t he want to tell her anything else?! And as if that wasn’t enough, Tristan is lashing out at Maya. We already know they haven’t really been friends since that thing with Mr. Yates, but now it’s sounding like Tristan wants her out of his life for good.

Tune in to the final season of Degrassi on MTV, continuing TONIGHT at 9e/6p. If you need to catch up, you can watch the latest episodes on MTV.ca, and relive seasons 12 and 13 on CraveTV.