Degrassi recap ep. 1314: barely breathing

Maya and Miles Kiss

Whenever there’s a scandal at Degrassi it’s only a matter of time before the guilty are exposed or the troubled see the light and find their way home. Tonight’s episode ‘Barely Breathing’ is bringing things to their final boil, expect an eruption or two.

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Alli looking in the mirror

Alli has been having a rough time to say the least. Once again she’s finding herself covering up bruises left by Leo. After the couple had a heated argument about Alli’s dream of going to MIT, Leo lost control and hit her. The last they spoke she told him she never wanted to see him again.

Clare, Alli and Jenna

Doing everything she can not to lose focus while studying for her SATs, Alli tries to ignore Leo’s attempted apologies, but when her friends continue to go on about how great he is she decides to spare them the dirty details about their fight.

Maya and Zoe

Alli isn’t the only one dealing with abuse at Degrassi. Maya is still a victim of Internet bullying. Mr. Simpson says there’s nothing he can do about the FaceRage page that was created to destroy her reputation. Zoe isn’t much help either, the only advice she can offer is for Maya to lay low until it all blows over. Easier said than done.


Laying low definitely isn’t Dallas’ idea of resolving a problem. He decides disappearing is a much more effective approach. Sadly, Drew is left once again to pick up the pieces.


Maya decides to give laying low a try but she quickly finds herself being harassed by some creep with no one around to save her.

Miles throws a punch

That is, until Miles comes to her rescue.

Miles and Maya

He’s literally a young Ryan Gosling in the making.

Maya takes Miles hand

Turns out all Miles needed was a few days to cool off. Not only does he apologize to Maya, he even offers to help her find the person that created the FaceRange page.


Miles takes Maya to meet with an internet hacker and she’s able to reveal the person behind the FaceRage page. Maya can’t believe her eyes.

Maya confronts Zoe

She goes straight to her ‘bestie’ to share the news. Zoe stays in character but it doesn’t take long for her to crack and she finally admits it was her behind everything and she doesn’t seem to feel bad about it at all.

Maya confronts Zoe

There was only one way this could end – with a brief cat fight and then straight to the principals office.


Once again Mr. Simpson fails to act on Zoe’s bad behaviour (could this have something to do with his secret fandom?) and the starlet wins again.


Alli is still avoiding Leo but when he shows up at Degrassi she runs out of places to hide. He begs forgiveness and admits he has an anger problem.

Alli walks away from Leo

Struggling not to give in, Alli walks away more confused now than she was before.

Alli writes her SATs

Later, while writing the SATs, Alli stumbles on a topic discussing the ability for people to change. It looks like she might be having second thoughts about Leo.


Dallas is still missing. When Drew goes to ask the Ice Hounds where he is, they tell him Dallas is no longer on the team and they haven’t seen him in weeks.

Dallas and Drew

When Dallas finally shows up he’s clearly been drinking. Drew tries to power through their assignment regardless, but Dallas isn’t looking too good.

Dallas pukes in class

During the presentation Dallas falls apart and vomits in front of the entire class and runs off. Luckily Drew already lied to get an extension on the project by telling the teacher Dallas had the flu. Much more believable now.


Drew catches up with Dallas and confronts him about getting kicked off the Ice Hounds. Dallas feels like he has nothing left to offer.

Miles and Maya

Trying to stay positive, Miles and Maya write a blues song all about how mean Zoe is. Feeling better already, Maya realizes she needs to ‘get her song out there’ as Zoe once said.


Maya plays her new song for the entire music class and her words certainly cut deep but they’re threatening tone doesn’t really fly with the teacher.

Zoe listens to Maya play her song.

Either way, Zoe got the message.


After some time to think, Dallas realizes he isn’t ready to give up because Drew never gave up on him.

Dallas and Drew hug

And the bromance is back on!


After Mr. Simpson caught wind of Maya’s threatening song about Zoe he was left no choice but to expel her from school. Poor girl just can’t catch a break.


But every Cinderella must have a Prince Charming… Miles shows up at Maya’s window and finally tells Maya how much he really cares about her. (He’s literally glowing!)

Miles and Maya Kiss

And then this happened!


Not everyone can have their happy ending. Alli goes to talk to Leo and begs him to get help. He promises he’ll never hurt her again. Her love for him is so strong that she decides to give him a second chance. It’s hard to trust Leo but the heart wants, what the heart wants.

Do you think Alli made the right choice giving Leo a second chance? What would you do in her situation? Tell us what you think in the comments below. Plus, yay or nay to Maya and Miles finally hooking up?