Degrassi recap 1319: ‘dig me out’ [gifs]

Conner, Dallas, Drew and Clare

On tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi Zoe and Drew decided to take things to the next level, that being, every level you can think of. But they weren’t the only ones pushing the boundaries. After going braless by mistake and getting in trouble for it, Imogen decided it was all-bras-out! Take THAT Mr. Simpson!

Below is tonight’s episode recap in the form of gifs! Enjoy!

Things have been going really well for Drew. He has a new job, he’s finally starting to get past his breakup with Bianca, he has a new girlfriend—wait, what!? Yep, after Zoe publicly dropped the boyfriend bomb, Drew had no choice but to have ‘the talk’. Somehow we think it should have been a different kind of talk because things went from ‘not your boyfriend’ to no longer a virgin pretty quick.

boyfriend drewzoe

After having sex, Zoe told Drew she was fine with keeping the relationship casual and Drew couldn’t say no to that! Unfortunately, Drew’s friends weren’t too excited about the whole arrangement and figured it was time he had a reality check.


magicspellAfter crashing poker night, Zoe took no time at all revealing her cards…


Ultimately, tossing Drew out of the game.

drewoutToo bad Zoe dropped another bomb by confessing to Drew that he was her first, leaving Drew no choice but to give the relationship a shot.

hugWhile Drew and Zoe were busy taking their clothes off, Imogen was busy dressing for attention. After mistakenly forgetting to wear a bra to school, Imogen was sent to the office and eventually sent home.

imogenrun imogenbra2

imogenbraBut Imogen isn’t one to go down without a fight. She decided to follow Mr. Simpson’s dress code but not without putting her own spin on it.

imogenbra3Which eventually got her into even more trouble, but hey, it was a good effort! Knowing Imogen, this isn’t over.

seriousface seriousface2