Degrassi recap ep. 1313: who do you think you are? Halloween edition!

Degrassi 1313 Recap

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re taking our favourite moments from tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi‘, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ and dressing them up for the holiday!

Maya has written an original song for her music project and her teacher loves it! Unfortunately, the lyrics could easily be mistaken for the description of Miley Cyrus’ next music video… ‘Unravel me, what’s underneath? Strip me bare, I want you to. Take, take it off!’

Maya Matlin

On the bright side, it may have won her the undying attention of mega-crush Miles…


Don’t get too excited about the possibility of a new romance finally budding. Zoe Rivas is always watching…


…and she always has a plan. This time she wants to help Maya film a music video for her new song.


Captured under her spell, Maya foolishly agrees to let Zoe help her make a music video.


Better watch your back Maya.

Maya, Tristan

On the other side of school Drew is using last year’s Halloween costume for this year’s class project. Too bad he can’t present the project without his partner, Dallas, who seems to be missing a lot these day.


Drew immediately runs home to find his partner in a rather inappropriate situation with another partner. Oh, the horror.


Drew begins to lose his patience and it takes all his strength not to explode.


Dallas, you dirty devil.


Oh, and her name is Kristy not Caroline.


Later that night: Tristan, Maya and Zoe arrive on the set of West Drive where Maya will shoot the video for her new song. It looks beautiful, yet spooky.

The Set of West Drive

Tristan and Maya can’t believe their eyes.

Tristan, Maya, Zoe

Zoe even brought a little friend to star is the video with Maya. A friend so cute that it is sure to upset Miles. (You can almost hear her cackle).


Maya’s video starts out fairly innocent but quickly becomes the ‘Wrecking Ball’ of ‘Degrassi’. She’s clearly uncomfortable but Zoe reassures her she’s fine, even Tristan is digging it.

Maya Music Video Shoot

In the end, Maya is thrilled with the video but Miles appears to have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

Maya, Miles

When Maya tries to talk to Miles he responds by calling her a slut, ouch!


In Miles’ defence, there’s more to the story. Someone at ‘Degrassi’ has created a FaceRange page dedicated to destroying Maya’s image based on her risky new video, making it hard for him to see her in any other way.


When Maya runs to Zoe begging that the video be pulled from the Internet, Zoe convinces her it will all be fine because ‘all press, is good press, right?’ Zoe wins again. (This time we can hear the cackle for sure).

Zoe, Maya

After a long day and a lot of bad reviews on the new video, Maya decides to call it a day.


Back at ‘Degrassi’ stranger things are happening. Like the below transaction between Drew and Kristy…

Drew, Kristy

Turns out Drew paid Kristy to lie about being pregnant with Dallas’ baby in hopes it would stop him from getting into trouble. Too bad they never actually had sex.


Now you’ve made him angry! Dallas is furious with Drew and tells him to back off.


Poor Drew. All alone without a partner.


Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!