‘degrassi’ nicaragua entry 2: aislinn paul journal

Aislinn Paul

I was blown away by the kids we met in Nicaragua. They were passionate, funny and incredibly smart. I felt so welcomed by the community.

We learned that before the school rooms we were painting had been built, the kids of El Trapiche had to hike down a dangerously steep gorge every day to get to school and back. They wanted to go to school so badly they were willing to risk their lives. I was in awe of their desire to learn. On one of our work days it started pouring rain so badly we weren’t sure we could make it to the community. But we all thought of how far these kids used to go for school in whatever weather befell them, and I knew we owed it to them to show the same dedication while working on their new classrooms.

We were also lucky enough to meet an incredible woman, who is now one of my personal heroes, Flore. As a teacher, Flore almost singlehandedly brought education to El Trapiche, and she refused to give up, no matter the obstacle. Now there are two classrooms where before there were only shrubs and three students she used to teach have now graduated and are going to high school. For us at home this isn’t a lot, but it’s an incredible start, with numbers increasing every year. She has changed the lives of so many kids.

Nicaragua showed me the true definition of the word perseverance. The kids of El Trapiche were so incredible and even though I may not see them again, I will be thinking of them, always.


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