Degrassi ep1310: check out behind the scenes pics of tonight’s back to school dance

Aislinn Paul and Luke Bilyk

History tells us the students of ‘Degrassi‘ probably wouldn’t recognize a school dance without the drama, which means tonight’s episode will be yet another for the on-demand history books!

In corner number one we have the lovely Alli Bhandari trying to convince her friends that new bf, Leo, really isn’t a bad guy. Next to them, in corner number two, the feud between Clare and Drew continues to progress, and just across from them is little miss Zoe, the new-bad girl in school.

It all goes down tonight! So let the drama unfold and may it continue to go down in history!

Check out the behind the scenes pics from the school dance and be sure to watch an all-new episode of ‘Degrassi‘ tonight at 9e/6p only on MTV!