Degrassi ep. 1309 recap: this is how we do it

Drew and Zoe

School is officially back in session and you can count on ‘Degrassi‘ to serve up all the drama just one day in! Things are off to an awkward start for Imogen and Becky, Alli has a mystery man and Drew seems to have a lot of energy for someone that hasn’t been sleeping. If you missed tonight’s episode and want the rundown then you came to the right place. Check out the full recap below!

The bell hadn’t even rung yet but Clare had already rounded up the troops to help setup for the Welcome Back Assembly. Surprisingly she found that the President to her Vice, Drew Torres, was one step ahead. Um, who are you and what have you done with Drew?

Clare, Dallas, Jenna, Conner and Alli

The gym was full and Drew was killing it on stage for the assembly! Everything seemed fine during his intro speech until suddenly he passed out and fell off the stage.

Drew passed out

Last season Dallas stepped up to support his pal Drew and it looks like that bond will continue to grow this season. After the incident at the assembly Dallas started to question if Drew was ready to come back to school.


Determined not to let the loss of Adam affect him, Drew had the idea to throw a school dance for the first event of the year but Clare, Alli and Becky had a different idea. They wanted to host an event promoting awareness for texting and driving. The group decided to hold a vote the following day.

Student Council Meeting

It wouldn’t be high school without gossip and rumour has it, Alli has a date with a mystery man. Jenna was convinced it was Dallas even though Alli insisted it wasn’t. Jenna and Alli

Remember Zoe? She tagged along for the summer trip to Paris and was formally a teen star on the show ‘West Drive’. Things didn’t exactly work out for Zoe as an actress so now she’s trying things out at Degrassi, but judging by the photo below, it doesn’t look like things are working out for her at Degrassi either.

Later that night Alli managed to sneak away to meet her mystery man, turns out he wasn’t much of a mystery at all! Leo, her summer fling from Paris, flew all the way to Toronto to be with her proving how strong his love for her truly is.

Leo and Alli

The next day Alli told Clare and Jenna about Leo coming to Toronto and they did not seem pleased about it at all. The girls think Leo is dangerous and travelling all that way could be considered more creepy than romantic.

Clare and Jenna

Alli decided to talk to Leo and he reassured her that she had nothing to worry about. Alli agreed to give the relationship a try and Leo plans to stay in Toronto and find a job while going to school.

Leo and Alli

Drew was still struggling to sleep and decided to take prescription sleeping pills.

After a good night sleep Drew woke up to a call from Bianca realizing he’d slept in and missed his first class. Bianca reminded him that they spoke the night before but he didn’t remember.

Drew rushed to school only to find Imogen relaxing on a man-made beach that he apparently ordered the night before but couldn’t remember. Drew then realized the sleeping pills were causing him to forget things.

Imogen and Drew

On his way to Student Council Drew caught himself a plan (aka Zoe) to help with the vote to get the school dance.

Drew and Zoe

Drew won his dance and Clare quit Student Council. Turns out she doesn’t agree with Drew’s politics.

After what felt like a successful day Drew took his sleeping pills again in hopes of another night of rest. Once again he found himself doing things he normally wouldn’t, like calling Zoe in the middle of night. Uh oh.