Degrassi champagne supernova: who will they visit next?

Zig and Eli in Champagne Supernova

Hint: The answer is in the letter…

We’re officially past the mid-way point of the ‘Degrassi: Champagne Supernova‘ webisode series, but despite all the clues, Zig and Miles still haven’t found the key to unlock the cuffs.

We’ve eliminated a few suspects—most recently Miles’ ex Tristan—but there are still a number of ‘Degrassi‘ students left that are more than capable of the crime, including Miles and Zig! If they can’t remember who locked them up, isn’t it possible they don’t remember locking themselves up? Far fetched, I know, but still possible!

Miles and Zig will have to continue making the rounds in hopes of finding the key, until then, we’ll just have to keep guessing ‘Who Dun It‘! Don’t forget, a brand new ‘Degrassi’ webisode goes live tonight at 9e/6p on!

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