Degrassi 1328 recap: in case you didn’t know – drew torres is kind of a big deal

Clare Edwards On tonight’s episode of ‘Degrassi’ Clare found herself situated in a love triangle she never saw coming. It wasn’t until Clare forced Drew to start dating again that she started to realize she might actually have feelings for him.

When Clare first saw Drew with Eden, a girl he met through online dating, she started feeling confused and her emotions were running wild. Drew and Eden seemed to really be hitting it off but Drew’s new found happiness was not sitting well with Clare.

When Eden decided to take an interest in becoming better friends with Clare things took a turn and Clare suddenly found herself throwing Drew waaaaayyyyy under the bus!

Eden cancelled her second date with Drew and he went straight to Clare for answers. After confessing that she may have over exaggerated his love for his ex-fiance in combination with his ‘player’ ways, it was clear Clare couldn’t hide her feelings any longer.


Clare explained that she was still having some ‘feels’ about the kiss she and Drew shared over Thanksgiving but Drew reassured her a kiss between friends really wasn’t that big of a deal. (Even though he later admitted to Eden he actually does have feelings for Clare.)


The kiss they shared in the past may be in the past, but that doesn’t mean Clare’s feelings for Drew are about to go away over night. It is Drew Torres after all and he’s, well, kind of a big deal!