‘degrassi’ 1326 recap: becky and imogen become even closer and jenna flashes a little too much skin

Jenna and Connor at the Degrassi Semi-Formal Like all ‘Degrassi‘ dances, tonight’s events were more than entertaining. Between an accidental boob slip and a drug rumour, these kids better watch what they do or it’ll be back to uniforms before they know it (now that would be a serious tragedy). See below for our full episode recap in the form of GIFs and be sure to check out full episodes of ‘Degrassionline here!

In an attempt to stop Imogen and Jack from exploring the possibility of a relationship, Becky asked Imogen to be her date to the dance. After realizing she may have taken things too far, Becky decided she had no choice but to pretend she was interested in being more than just friends. The plan eventually fell apart when the girls found themselves on the dance floor during a slow song. It didn’t take long for Imogen and Becky to admit they would never be more than friends.




Jenna’s been busy fighting for the crown and tonight she finally got what she wanted—and so did every teenage boy at ‘Degrassi’! When Jenna and Connor took the stage to accept the title of King and Queen, Jenna was so excited she couldn’t contain herself. Literally!

jenna connor

Maya’s landed herself right in the middle of a love triangle. When Miles came by to ask Maya to the dance he discovered Zig had been living at her house. At first Miles was furious, but then he eventually agreed to give Zig a chance. If it was important to Maya, it was important to him. Unfortunately, Zig didn’t feel the same way. He wanted Miles out of the picture once and for all even if it meant stirring the pot. Turns out Miles is a little better at causing trouble. Look out boys, we have a feeling this battle has only just begun.

mayazig zigcops mayamiles zigmaya