Degrassi 1322 sneak peek: ‘basket case’ [pics+trailer]

Degrassi 1322 Sneak Peek

Clare gets closer to Drew, Dallas wants revenge and Miles hosts a raging pool party! Check out this week’s sneak peek pics+trailer and don’t miss an all-new ‘Degrassi’ Tuesday night at 9e/6p now on MTV!

When Miles found out about his father’s affair on last week’s episode of ‘Degrassi,’ he instantly went back to his trouble-making ways. Having Maya around has helped him become more of a gentleman, but once a bad boy, always a bad boy.

We’re not saying Miles is a terrible person. He’s simply your average rebellious teenager that happens to have a beautiful home complete with a pool, and having a raging pool party is just the thing to push his father over the edge.

In this week’s sneak peek we’re getting the first look at what will likely go down as the biggest party of the season. In the trailer it appears everyone is having a blast, especially Zoe (see above), but in the photos below, Winston and Maya don’t look like they’re enjoying themselves as much as they could be. Here’s hoping Miles’ rebellion doesn’t cause a divide between Mayles, it was just last week the duo exchanged their first ‘I love you’!

Maya, Miles Miles, Winston

While we’ll surely be rooting for Mayles, they might be the least of your worries when you get a look at Clare and Drew’s steamy make-out session. Yep, the Clew saga isn’t over yet. The friends were forced to get close when Drew filled in as Clare’s bungee jumping partner after Eli couldn’t make it, and it looks like the jump will have Clare exploring her options while Eli is tied up at NYU.

Clare and Drew

Find out what happens when Miles throws the biggest party of the year and Clare battles with desire on an all-new episode of ‘Degrassi‘ Tuesday night at 9e/6p followed by ‘After Degrassi‘ hosted by Lauren and Phoebe only on MTV!