Dcf wants you to ‘put your name on it’ (audio premiere)

If you haven’t caught on to the vibes of Toronto’s indie-pop producing songwriter, DCF, then it’s time to update your playlist.

Why do we love DCF? Because he’s the high school crush you wish you had. I mean, he recreated John Cusack’s iconic boombox scene from Say Anything… in his video for, yep, you guessed it, ‘John Cusack.’ What more do you want?

If you’ve clicked the ‘follow’ button on DCF’s Instagram account then you already know he’s a fan of his fans, he digs The O.C., and he’s “Currently sitting in his bathtub plotting the release of 💕HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER💕”.

“I’m working on a new project called High School Forever right now,” he said. “Six months ago I woke up, listened to an old Taylor Swift album, deleted a bunch of negative people from my phone, picked up my guitar and started writing an album. I’m so inspired to be making music in Toronto right now and I’ve never been more proud of what I’m working on.”

In anticipation of DCF’s Feb. 20 Toronto show, followed by the Guilty Pleasures Dance Party, we’re premiering his latest bathtub track, ‘Put Your Name On It‘—how’s that for Internet candy!

The track was co-produced by Nathaniel Motte (3Oh!3) and Derek Hoffman (Fox Sounds Studios), and features amped-up lyrics about certain urges you might get when you’re REALLY digging that special someone.

“I can typically come off as ‘the bad boy,’ but with ‘Put Your Name On It’ I’m a reformed gentleman,” he said of the track. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Listen to ‘Put Your Name On It’ below, and if you’re in the Toronto area, head down to Adelaide Hall on Feb. 20 to check out DCF live, and fulfill all your guilty pop pleasures!