David beckham loved this jay z line so much he got it tattooed

When Beyonce and Jay Z took their On The Run tour to the Los Angeles Rose Bowl, they probably didn’t realize they would change the life of David Beckham forever. During the concert on August 2, Jay Z reportedly ad-libbed an encouraging line to the crowd: “Dream big, be unrealistic.”

Now, this might sound like a rather mundane line to the average concert-goer, but the adage seems to have hit home for both David and his wife Victoria, who tweeted the line shortly after, along with her admiration for the royal couple of music.


But David Beckham did more than post the lines on his personal micro-blogging account. Instead, he had them tattooed on his hand; the black, scripted letters will now serve as a constant reminder for the former soccer player whenever he glances down.

You can get a glimpse of it here, on the top of his right hand:


And here it is a little closer:


(The words are indecipherable at this range but you get the idea, placement-wise)

Considering Beckham already has an extensive collection of ink, what’s a little more? Especially in the name of dreaming big. Inking an uplifting phrase on your knuckles is one thing, but the words are facing away from his body, so they’re clearly meant for others to read. Anyone close enough to decipher a phrase on David Beckham’s hand, that is.

Personally, I’m waiting on Victoria to get ***FLAWLESS across her knuckles in a subtle, yet feminist one-up to her husband’s ink.