‘dark knight rises’: top 10 moments of 2012

After four years of waiting, "The Dark Knight Rises" brought Christopher Nolan’s story of the Batman to a close. MTV News was there every single step of the way, bringing you every update and breakdown we could. As we look back on the year that was 2012, let’s take a trip back through the anticipation, expectations and pay-off with "The Dark Knight Rises," which MTV designated as the Best Movie of 2012.

Bane’s Voice Makeover
Whether people saw the prologue attached to "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol," everyone heard about the controversy surrounding Bane and his muffled voice. When panic rose that the intelligible garble would make it to theaters, rumor of a freshly recorded track began to circulate. When all was said and done, Bane ended up more-or-less crystal clear.

Updated Batsuit
While it wasn’t the dramatic shift in suits from "Batman Begins" to "The Dark Knight," the new(ish) batsuit for the third installment brought back all of the features and military-style armor we fell in love with in the previous movie.

Batmobile Rides Again
Before "The Dark Knight Rises" even hit theaters, the world got a preview of a special feature meant for the home video release. As a part of the Blu-ray disc, Warner Bros. assembled every batmobile for one geeky parade, and we ranked them.

Playing the Odds
Admittedly not one of our proudest moments, but we had to assign odds to potential events in "The Dark Knight Rises." Who could have guessed that Robin was going to show up? Clearly, not us, who put an appearance by the Boy Wonder at 1,000,000 to 1 odds, which we should point out is still statistically possible.

Bruce Wayne Gets Sensual
Everyone expected a PG-13 rating, but what we didn’t know was that things would be getting, as the MPAA, "sensual." After losing Rachel Dawes in "The Dark Knight," the rating signaled new romantic possibilities for Bruce. That is, until Miranda betrayed him.

Viral Campaign Kicks Off
After "The Dark Knight" built up so much hype with an elaborate alternate reality game, it was widely expected that a similar viral marketing campaign would take place for "The Dark Knight Rises," but it wasn’t until the weeks leading up to the release that we were treated to "leaked" documents about Dr. Pavel.

Footage Premieres at MTV Movies Awards
The world was treated to a lovely teaser and a heartstring-tugging moment from Christian Bale during this year’s MTV Movie Awards. The star remembered Heath Ledger and introduced us to the final installment in the trilogy.

Red Carpet Premiere
The stars hit the black carpet on a steamy July day in New York City and shared with us their favorite moments from the trilogy.

Reboot Ideas
With one story of Batman coming to a close, the hunt is on for the next iteration of the Caped Crusader. Here, we throw out a few ideas for WB to consider when looking to reboot the bat.