Remember the one time daniel radcliffe did the best thing ever? We do

Daniel Radcliffe has done many fantastic things in his relatively short life so far: he broke our souls into seven pieces with his unforgettable, decade-long performance as boy wizard Harry Potter, he walked all those dogs in that one picture…but those achievements pale in comparison to this one, giffed out moment.

Yes, DanRad blew our minds and changed our lives at San Diego Comic-Con last year when he revealed that he had been sneaking around the convention hall floor masquerading as Spider-Man.



Accio awesome? We think so.

It would take something truly, truly magical for Radcliffe to top his con debut at this year’s SDCC, but believe us, we’ll be looking out for exactly that. After all, we hear that Radcliffe’s Igor costume from the upcoming “Victor Frankenstein” could serve as quite the disguise for the young star.