Dallas makes a funny during most awkward moment in season 14 premiere of ‘degrassi’


To all the ladies out there—you’ve all feared it but how often does it actually happen? On tonight’s season premiere of ‘DegrassiDallas was quick to spot the red spot.

Clare recently tested positive for being pregnant which meant a splash of red was out of the question, or so she thought… It turns out spotting during the early stages of pregnancy isn’t uncommon but Clare wasn’t at all prepared when it happened to her.

After learning she was accepted into Columbia, Clare jumped to her feet to celebrate the good news, but when she stood up to embrace a hug from Ali, Dallas couldn’t help but noticed that Clare had bled through her pants.

Dallas attempted to warn the girls by coughing the words ‘Clare’s bum, Clare’s bum.’


But his announcement just made things that much more awkward;  ‘Why do I have to be the guy that notices everything?’


Way to turn an uncomfortable situation into a slightly funny one, Dallas.

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