Daisy’s about to poop her way into america’s hearts on “real world: portland” [video]

First came Menudo from “Road Rules: Latin America.” Then, there was Devyn’s pampered pooch in “Real World: Brooklyn” and “Real World: New Orleans“‘ kidnapped robotic canine. And now, there is Daisy, the first non-human to actually be cast alongside its owner for the series.

Averey’s pup was too cute not to be included on “Real World: Portland,” bringing the total tally of living, breathing strangers acting impolite to eight. But there’s only one who can get away with sh**ting in the Confessional, as shown in the video below. The bathroom is thataway, D!

The mutt’s inquisitive nature has her exploring every nook and cranny of the house, with her lack of speaking capability rendering her the resident fly on the wall for all of the big blowups. Daisy’s furry cuteness allows her to dodge the usual roommate confrontations, and that’s exactly why Averey doesn’t seem too bent out of shape as Daisy makes out with Johnny’s face in the clip.

We’re pretty sure this is the first and last time one of the female “Real World” housemates gets to shamelessly hook up with her best friend’s man and live to tell the tale. Daisy…you dog!