Ct says he’s happy to fight alongside former foe cara maria on ‘free agents’

In 2011, CT and Cara Maria nearly brought down the house with a “Rivals”screaming match, but it seems a lot can change in three years, because on “Free Agents,” they’ve been attached at the hip. Whether they’ve been helping each other get through tough missions or holding each other accountable on the treadmill, they’ve really come a long way, and their alliance is the result of finally finding some common ground, CT says in the “Free Agents” interview clip below.

“Cara’s become sort of a sister figure,” CT explains, adding that connecting over Boston roots has helped him and Cara Maria to understand each other. “Being on the show with people from my hometown, I want to help them out. I’m not trying to be so cutthroat.” And after finally winning a “Challenge” with an impressive “Rivals II” performance, CT says he’s not just looking out for himself anymore, and that he’s happy to lend a hand to someone who’s got fight like CM.

“I think she’s got a lot of heart,” he shares. “I can feel for Cara, she’s one of those cast members where everybody’s always pointing the finger at her…I would really like to see Cara win one.”

Surprised by this Beantown bond? Hear more from CT, and tune in to the next “Free Agents” Thursday at 10e/7p on MTV!