Could a selena gomez, justin bieber duet be in the works?

Selena Gomez has been a little quiet on the music front lately, but maybe not for long if Selenators — and Beliebers — get their way.

Maybe it’s the fact that the on-again, off-again couple seem to have rekindled their romance, but many fans are eager to see the pair get together not only for Starbucks dates, but in the studio too.

Now, a snippet that hit the Internet on Thursday (March 20) has those very devoted fans buzzing. Tumblr user Jelenacruisin posted a track titled “Duet #1” with the featured artists listed as Gomez and … Justin Bieber.

While we’re very skeptical about the origins of the track — the five-second snippet features no vocals from Justin and isn’t officially promoted by either artist — that didn’t stop Selenators and Beliebers from reblogging the song and sparking speculation that a collabo between Selena and Justin is in the works.

The couple also known as Jelena more or less confirmed that sparks were still flying when Justin posted a video of the two of them in a super steamy dance rehearsal. Could they have been practicing moves for a rumored duet and eventual music video?

We don’t know, but we won’t rule it out. Here’s what we do know: The “Come and Get It” singer cut short her Stars Dance Tour to focus on her health this past winter. And Justin, who’s been battling a string of legal troubles, has been spending a whole lot of time in the studio. He’s dropped teasers in the last few weeks, including the inspirational “Life is Worth Living,” on Instagram. But if fans are eager enough, maybe the pair will log some studio time.