Cooke says her rookie status is less of a handicap than her ‘rivals ii’ teammate, naomi [video]

To put it lightly, Cooke didn’t receive the warmest welcome when she first stepped foot in the “Real World: Las Vegas” house. Naomi, in particular, was rather unwilling to roll out the red carpet for the replacement housemate, who instantly took a liking to Naomi’s friend-with-benefits, Leroy. But now that the former roomies are forced to work together, they’ve got no choice but to learn how to communicate without losing their s**t.

“I don’t really know anything about her, and I don’t really care to know,” Naomi says in “Rivals II” pre-season interview below. “She doesn’t understand me, and I don’t understand her, and I think that communication is the biggest thing in order to move forward.” Cooke, on the other hand, isn’t so worried about the potential for fiery dialogue, pointing to Naomi’s weak “Challenge” record as their main obstacle. “I don’t think she really has any strengths,” the pro-soccer player says. “…If she wants something, maybe she will try really, really hard, but that might not even be good enough.”

Will Naomi be the anchor that sinks Cookomi? Check out the clip and tell us how you think they’ll perform against the rest of the female teams!