Conan reveals how he’ll get turnt up for the mtv movie awards


Conan Reveals How He’ll Get Turnt Up For The MTV Movie Awards

Kase Wickman,

Hosting the MTV Movie Awards is not a task for the faint of heart, something Conan O’Brien, this year’s emcee, knows all too well. After all, audiences are accustomed to the high bar of hilarity and thrills set by our annual celebration of the best of Hollywood. The guy has a lot to live up to.

We caught up with the late-night ringmaster ahead of this weekend’s big show to see exactly how he plans to turn it up at the Nokia Theatre for Sunday’s festivities. Now, when you see O’Brien huddled onstage mowing down a bowl of spaghetti carbonara, you’ll know why.

“Backstage I’ll be having IV bags filled with Gatorade, I will constantly be hydrating both orally and through a series of injections,” O’Brien said. “I’m also going to be carbo loading a lot before the show and during the show so there will be whole segments where I’m just eating big bowls of pasta onstage to keep my energy going.” If we dare add a few of our own suggestions to the mix, brown rice, slivered almonds and Pixie Sticks may also help in the quest for lasting Movie Awards-level energy, Conan.

Be sure to tune in to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 13 at 9/6p on MTV to catch all the action.

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