Conan o’brien made a sexist joke about 77-year-old madeleine albright, but she shut him down in the best way

In an epic exchange that makes Iggy and Snoop’s online feud look like child’s play, Madeleine Albright and Conan O’Brien hilariously traded quips at each other this week, and it’s pretty effin’ clear who came out on top.

It all started when O’Brien joked that he wants to dress up as “slutty Madeleine Albright” for Halloween. That’s when the former Secretary of State — and certifiable 77-year-old BO$$ — said “hell naw” and flawlessly fired back (in under 30 minutes, no less):


Fortunately for the entire Internet, the fun didn’t stop there. It is a proven fact that the older you are, the less f**ks you have to give, so Albright decided to school O’Brien on the clear and present dangers of arguing with a woman of her stature (remember: one Presidential Medal of Freedom trumps any number of Emmy awards).


Bow down to Albright, one and all.


The whole thing wrapped up in good fun, with the red-haired (and probably now red-faced) O’Brien waving the white flag and Albright using a #TeamCoco hashtag as a sign of peace. And then they skipped happily into the sunset together.