Your favourite comediennes on periods, gender equality, and giving birth on tv

Recently, the world of comedy, most traditionally a Boy’s Club, has seen a major influx of awesome, smart, and — more importantly — hilarious women.

That’s why The Hollywood Reporter rounded up some of the very funniest for a fully candid, thoroughly entertaining discussion on a variety of inappropriate topics; from what they would never do for a laugh (“I would never f–k someone,” said Lena Dunham) to the most sexist thing that’s ever happened to them while working in Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter

The most sexist thing that happened to Lena Dunham while working on her hit show, “Girls?” “I heard a guy on my show say into his microphone: ’I hate this job. I can’t wait to be back on a show where there’s a man at the helm,’” she admitted. “He’s the worst person alive. I hope he reads this, which he won’t because he’s drunk,” she added about the anonymous a-hole.

Dunham also made some important points about gender inequality in the Biz. “When it was leaked how much I was getting for my book [a reported $3.7 million for ’Not That Kind of Girl’], there were 39,000 articles asking, ’Is she worth it?’ Then it came out what [comedian] Aziz Ansari was making on his book [a reported $3.5 million]. No one says a g-ddamn word.”

While discussing the lack of diversity in roles for women, “Black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross and “Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez had a lot to weigh in on. “There aren’t many [roles in film]. That’s why I say no to all the offers!” said Ross. “Working on a film is one job where you look at a casting breakdown and I’ll think, ’That’s me!’ But she’s not supposed to be black.”

“One hundred percent,” Rodriguez agreed.

Rodriguez also shared what it was like to have someone all up in your business– literally– onscreen.

“I’m a brown girl, so I have to cross all the lines. I did just recently give birth onscreen [in “Jane the Virgin”},” she admitted. “The actress playing my OB-GYN, Julie, was in right between my legs. I have Spanx on, this big [fake] belly, legs spread wide open. I probably should’ve showered that morning.”

Amy Schumer gave perhaps the best response of the discussion, when prompted why there aren’t any women hosting late night talk shows. “Because we get our periods at night,” she said. Duh!

You go, girls.