Colleen’s catfish proposed when they finally met in person — and she said yes

A woman was duped by her Internet love on tonight’s Catfish, but the duo still had an ending so happy, it’s already earned a place in the show’s record books.

The head-scratching-turned-heartwarming story began when 20-year-old Colleen contacted Nev and Max about a guy named Tony, whom she’d met on Plenty of Fish and gotten serious with in a jiffy. Just how serious? Tony had proposed after three short weeks of online dating, and Colleen said yes — without ever having met him. But the groom-to-be soon seemed a little shady: First, he said he lived in Lakewood, Washington; then, he admitted he resided in Baton Rouge. He also refused to videochat with Colleen or meet her in person and, after beginning to doubt her fiancĂ©, she enlisted the help of the digital detectives.

So who was Tony for real? Turns out, a guy named Jeremy. And while he’d used fake photos to entice Colleen — as proven when she, Max and Nev finally met with him in Louisiana — his handsome looks certainly softened the blow. But what about all those lies he’d told?

“I apologize,” he said to Colleen. “Honestly, I was just scared. I have a lot of self-esteem issues, and I was kind of insecure that you wouldn’t accept me for who I am… I just pray that you can forgive me.”

“I really want to,” she replied. “You just have to promise me no more lies.”

Jeremy’s response? “I’ll get on my knees right now” — and then, in a moment that will surely become Catfish legend, he did. On bent knee, right then and there, Tony poured out his heart and proposed all over again.

Colleen’s reply when he re-popped the question: “Yes.”

*Insert applause here*

So just how rare was the couple’s connection? Max summed it up when he offered Colleen his very best wishes. “Congratulations — you got catfished, and you still have a relationship,” he said. “That’s only happened to one other person, [and] we’re 95 episodes deep.”

*Insert more applause here*

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