Cocky ‘challenge’ pair jordan and sarah are ready to win, nia and leroy admit to mutual attraction

If you thought Superman and Wonder Woman made for a formidable pair, wait for former lovebirds Jordan and Sarah to descend onto Panama for “Battle of the Exes 2.”

The hyper-confident competitors, who’ve never technically won a game, have nevertheless made their marks as two of the show’s strongest athletes. And if you’re still confused about why their “Rivals II” tryst didn’t amount to anything serious, you can thank one of Sarah’s former partners, who got her sent home prematurely.

“If I was Sarah and my friends were like, ‘Oh, my gosh, why didn’t you keep this going?’ I would then say, ‘Because that bitch Trishelle cost me a ‘Challenge’ and a relationship,’” Jordan says in the “He Said/She Said” clip below. And though the “Real World: Portland” alum might have a bitter taste in his mouth, Sarah reminds him he’s still got something to smile about.

“Jordan’s probably thinking ‘I am so glad that I made out with her, and I am so glad I got a partner who’s going to win me a final,’” she predicts. Humility definitely abounds with these two!

And though Jordan and Sarah have their sights exclusively set on the big money, Leroy and Nia, whose “Free Agents” hookup is still a mystery, admit there might still be some magic in the air.

“I think there’s an attraction, but not, like, serious,” Nia says with a knowing laugh in the clip below. And though Leroy agrees, he’s still proceeding with caution.

“We’re cool so far, but I mean, who knows what may happen,” he poses. “Something could happen in a challenge and she f***ing wants to kill me.” Hope that Under Armour gear includes a flak jacket!

Check out the videos, place your bets on these two teams and be sure to tune in to the premiere of “Battle of the Exes 2″ tomorrow night at 11/10c!