Chris tolleson of ‘are you the one? ’ helped pull an unconscious man from a burning car!

Chris Tolleson of “Are You the One?” isn’t just Shanley McIntee‘s knight in shining armor — it turns out he’s a real hero, too!

While driving around Virgina Beach a few weeks ago, Tolleson and his friends noticed a car that had crashed into a tree and gone up in flames, according to TMZ. After pulling over and running to the scene to inspect the damage, the group saw that there was a single unconscious passenger stuck inside, whose door was blocked by a tree. To get the man to safety, the guys yanked back the tree until the door had space to open, and when they finally managed to pull the passenger out, they dragged him about 50 feet away from the car.

But when the guys noticed “crackling” sounds coming from the vehicle, they decided 50 feet wasn’t far enough, and proceeded to move the man another 50 feet away. Tolleson told TMZ that only a few minutes later, the car exploded.

Tolleson’s two friends got first-degree burns, but he luckily left the scene with only scratches. The car’s passenger suffered serious injuries, and his condition is uncertain.