The entries for chris pratt’s facebook cover photo contest are pee-in-your-pants hilarious

Everything is awesome on Chris Pratt’s Facebook page right now, as thousands of Pratt enthusiasts are posting stunning original artwork in the hopes of winning eternal glory and an Applebees gift certificate from their fave.

For those not in the know, Pratt challenged his fans to create a custom cover pic he could use on Facebook — a pic which should pay tribute to his previous roles, but which might also include (among other things) “some raptors, or even some largemouth bass or deer or trophy elk, maybe some cool guns or rollerblades or possibly even a nascar or a steak maybe even some corndogs.”

It didn’t take long for the post to explode with submissions from fans — and we’re just guessing here, but the majestic splendor of this artwork has to be above and beyond anything Chris Pratt imagined even in his wildest dreams.

The contest is still ongoing, but we had to round up some early favorites.

This artist “kept it subtle.”


This one… didn’t.


Most artists concur that Chris Pratt is a damn American hero


At least one took Pratt’s request for “corndogs”extremely seriously


Some people seem to be gearing up for a Chris Pratt presidential run.


Others seem like they didn’t entirely understand the assignment.


This entry keeps it simple with just three vital elements: America, explosions, and velociraptors.


We like this one a lot, but… I don’t know, it seems a little sparse, don’t you think?


A+ for concept, but still needs a corndog.


And some of them? Legitimateworks of art.


Only time will tell which photoshopper will emerge victorious. But be prepared, guys: this contest is shaping up to bring forth the most important artwork of our time.