Chris hemsworth hates weights, chooses to lift his baby instead: see the pic

Chris Hemsworth has only been on Instagram for two days, but he’s already making us forget that weird cave plot from “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with some of the cutest and most hilariously staged ’Grams in town. Like this one, for example, which features Thor himself being all “bro, do you even lift?” with one of his twin babies:

Soooo cahute, right?

“The family who trains together, stays together!” Hemsworth wrote, as he held either Tristan or Sasha in his right arm and flexed the f–k out of the other. (Also important is the calves. Seriously, check out those calves.)

MTV News reached out to Liam Hemsworth for comment*, but he was too busy staring into the abyss that is his big bro’s left hamstring to reply.

*(JK, no we didn’t.)