Chloe moretz joins zac efron and seth rogen in ‘neighbors 2’

A year after we delighted in seeing Zac Efron and Seth Rogen terrorize the heck out of each other in “Neighbors,” we’re getting exciting new details about the comedy’s 2016 sequel.

But the first bit of casting news is somewhat surprising. Because instead of enlisting some hot new frat bro who’s come to wreak his own havoc on the ‘hood, the sequel’s newest addition is none other than Chloe Moretz.

The 18-year-old has been tapped to join “Neighbors 2,” which will reunite Efron, Rogen, and Rose Byrne with director Nicholas Stoller.

No word yet on what the sequel’s plot will be or who Moretz might play, but she DID a drop a possible hint on Twitter, saying “it’s the girls’ time to take over.”

Hmm… the most obvious implication here is that Moretz (who’s college-aged IRL) will lead a sorority that rains its own kind of terror over Rogen and Byrne. And maybe Efron’s Teddy will hop in to help take down the girls? After all, he and Rogen’s Mac DID make amends at the end of “Neighbors” by posing outside an Abercrombie & Fitch store. So they’re all cool now, right?

Whatever the case, we’re psyched to see what Moretz brings to the predictably raunchy comedy. She’s known for edgier roles like “The Equalizer,” “If I Stay,” and the upcoming YA sci-fi adaptation “The Fifth Wave,” but this will be her first official comedic movie role. And we’re sure Hit Girl will kick ass.

“Neighbors 2” hits theaters May 13, 2016.