Chet’s ‘challenge’ confession: a czech woman gave me an enema and it wasn’t the best

If you ever had to stay in a dingy hostel or survive exclusively on granola bars during a trip abroad, count your blessings — at least you weren’t woken up in the dead of night by an enema. After a brutal fall during the “Surf’s Up” mission on “Cutthroat,” Chet wound up concussed and paler than a toilet seat, and in this “Challenge Confessions” clip, he describes the horror that followed: a three-day trip to the ER in Prague, which, by the sounds of it, may have been more uncomfortable than a spot in the “Saw” compound.

“I stayed three days in a Czech hospital with two guys speaking Czech to me,” the ”Free Agents” cast member recalls of his 2010 adventure. “I received an enema at about 3 a.m. by this beastly freakin’ lady. I mean, it was disgusting.” Ultimately, Chet was forced to leave the competition due to his injury, but suffice it to say, his trip to Europe is definitely one he’ll never forget.

Watch Chet’s nasty spill, listen to his entire war story and stay tuned for more“Challenge Confessions” before the “Free Agents” premiere on April 10 at 10e/7p!