Check out mtv’s ‘real world: this is the end’ edition,


“This is the true story of six people trapped in the post-apocalyptic “Real World: Portland” house.” That is how “The Real World: This Is The End Edition,” a surrealist collaboration between MTV and Sony Pictures begins. Featuring “This Is The End” stars Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, James Franco, Craig Robinson and Jay Baruchel spoofing classic “Real World” scenes like Puck and Pedro’s fingers-in-the-peanut-butter fight, the raunchy mini-episode also includes acting debuts from Joi and Averey of “Real World: Portland” as the guys’ unimpressed housemates. Between Danny peeing in the hot tub and Seth unwittingly giving the girls a peek at his junk, the video will most certainly call to mind the Rapture, so grab a tub of popcorn, click on the play button below for a special screening, and make sure to catch the theatrical premiere of “This Is The End,” as well as the “Real World: Portland” finale, this Wednesday!