Channing tatum’s amazing ‘magic mike xxl’ prank almost makes him unsexy

Channing Tatum has partnered with Omaze to send one lucky fan to the premiere of “Magic Mike XXL” with him, while raising lots of money for charity in the process. But we can’t imagine he’ll be able to top the way he announced his new campaign — by dancing in disguise for an excited screening audience.

First, Tatum went undercover as a studio executive and asked fans questions about the first film (gee, I’d hate to be the lady who told him her favorite “Magic Mike” actor was Matthew McConaughey right now). Then he announced to the packed theater that they’d be treated to a “really real” 3D screening of the film, which — surprise! — began with a live flashmob dance session from some actual male performers.

I can’t help but wonder if Tatum went with an accent so he could start practicing for when he plays the “X-Men” character Gambit next year? Either way, it’s entertaining as heck — and probably fulfilled at least one person’s untapped fetish for business twerking.

magic mike

Interested in entering the contest? You can do so at the Omaze website — and all the proceeds benefit the Runa Foundation, which works to create medical and research clinics in the Amazon.

“Magic Mike XXL” hits theaters July 1, 2015.