Channing tatum just revealed his penis’ name and zombie survival plans

Want to know what Channing Tatum likes to call his litter mister? Well, of course you do. And now you can.

Because while Tatum won’t go so far as to reveal his lower parts in full-frontal during “Magic Mike XXL” — though he does admit it’s only thinly veiled by a “very small thong” — he did just spill the deets on his nickname for his manhood, along with a slew of other fun facts about himself.

The load of new Tatum juice came out during Tatum’s Reddit AMA (for those not intimatewith the site, that’s short for “Ask Me Anything”) Q&A session on Wednesday (June 17), where no topic was too taboo for the table.

Here’s what we learned.


1. The “Magic Mike” co-star he most wants a lap dance from is Kevin Nash a.k.a. Tarzan in the film because he “always wanted to know what it feels like to be tiny in his arms and thrown around.”

Magic Mike


2. In a battle between himself vs. Joe Manganiello, he thinks things would get “messy” but that he’d go down because Big D–k Richie’s massive pecs would reflect light into his eyes and blind him.

Joe Manganiello Big Dick Richie Magic Mike


3. He recently watched his poop freeze on a glacier during a blizzard.

Channing Tatum Dance GIFT


4. He’s got a “complicated” sandwich recipe which includes creamy peanut butter, double grape jelly, Cheetos, and white bread.

Channing Tatum Eat Cat


5. He’s really excited to play Gambit (but he won’t appear in “X-Men: Apocalypse”).

Channing Tatum Excited GIF


6. His favorite Disney character is the broom from Fantasia. Wonder why.

Channing Tatum Magic Mike Broom


7. He loves Pinterest.

Channing Tatum Smile


8. His zombie apocalypse plan includes a crossbow and a trip to Sandra Bullock’s house “because she’s dope and kick-ass.”

Channing Tatum laughing


9. If he could have a superpower, he’d be able to strip everyone down — but only because he thinks naked people “are really nice.

Channing Tatum


10. He’s still gracious AF.

Channing Tatum 21 Jump Street


11. He thinks his acting in “Step Up” was for sh-t.

Channing Tatum Step Up GIF


12. He has a man crush on Matt Bomer because Matt Bomer is way too beautiful for any human to resist — and can sing “like God gave with both hands and then grew a third hand and graced him with more.”

Matt Bomer


13. The scariest thing he’s ever done was “Saturday Night Live” because he freezes up during live reads.

Channing Tatum SNL


14. Gilbert. That’s what Channing Tatum likes to call his penis. Yes, really.

Channing Tatum Thrust