Watch channing tatum as ‘magic mike,’ as reimagined by children

If the whole “male stripper” thing doesn’t work out for Magic Mike, at least now he has a backup plan — as a sort of bike repairman/genie who fixes flat tires with his (ahem) magic bike pump.

This is clearly what the plot of “Magic Mikeshould be, according to a bunch of elementary school kids who were given only the title of the movie and asked to write their own story to go with it. The resulting, thrilling bike-pump-related drama was performed on “The Tonight Show” last night (June 23) by host Jimmy Fallon and a visiting Channing Tatum, who’s making the rounds to promote “Magic Mike XXL.”

Channing also starred in a second children’s theater edition of “Magic Mike” as a man charged with protecting the planet from invading aliens.

Now we just need Steven Soderbergh to come out of retirement just one more time to make “Magic Mike: Alien Bike Pump Battle.” It’s gonna be HUGE.