Chanel west coast takes on karl lagerfeld’s iconic look for new music video

Several Chanel West Coast super-fans dressed up as the “Ridiculousness” star for Halloween, but now the bubbly rapper is paying homage to one of her idols by stepping into his shoes — literally. The Trukfit model has traded in her street-chic style to embody famous designer Karl Lagerfeld in her new music video for “Karl,” and between werking his signature shades to his silver-fox coif, CWC is definitely putting the hot in haute couture.

In the video, we counted SEVEN sexy outfit changes (eight would’ve been overkill, duh!), including a spot-on replica of Lagerfeld’s trademark look, right down to the ponytail and bow tie. And though the androgynous attire is a departure from her other smokin’ ensembles, this isn’t the first time Chanel’s completely changed up her style for a music vid. The Young Money feature was recently spotted sporting a brunette ‘do in stills for “Alcoholic,” another song off her new mixtape. And let us never forget about that Blobby Light cameo — a fat suit demonstrates TRUE commitment to one’s craft.

Watch the video, and let us know what you think of the track!