Chanel west coast started her career as a poet

If you’ve got an early knack for poetry, you could pen the next “Walden,” go on to win a Pulitzer or, if you’re very lucky, wind up Rob Dyrdek‘s right-hand man.

Chanel West Coast, who’s known for giggling through her “Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness” adventures, has been simultaneously pursuing a hip-hop career for quite awhile (her debut full-length album drops next year). So how did she find herself in Lil Wayne‘s company as a member of Young Money? In an interview with ABC News yesterday, she explained it was all a result of harnessing her inner Robert Frost.

“I always wrote poems when I was a little girl, and I loved hip hop music and I kind of just started writing poems over beats, and that’s when I started rapping,” she explains in the clip above. “I remember I rapped for a friend, and my friend really encouraged me and was blown away, like ‘Woah, that was dope!’ Ever since then, I kept going.”

And when the product amounts to material like her recent hit, “Miles and Miles,” we’re awfully glad she did.

For more from Chanel, including why she loves “Ridiculousness” so much and her memory of meeting Lil Wayne, check out the video.

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