Chanel west coast shares awesome fan-made cover art amid mixtape release [photos]

Chanel West Coast has certainly come a long way from giggling with Rob Dyrdek on the “Ridiculousness” red couch (not that she’s going anywhere — she’ll be back when “Ridiculousness” returns July 18)! Back in May, the young rapper was signed to Young Money Entertainment, and after some heavy anticipation, her very first mixtape, “Now You Know,” is dropping today at 3 p.m. EST! The cover art above definitely has us intrigued, so let the countdown begin…

Since fans caught on to the new project, Twitter has been buzzing with excitement, and Chanel’s fans have been coming out of the woodwork to support their girl and spread the love. Some have gone as far as to create their own cover art, and Chanel can’t get enough. “Hey Luvs! Whoever makes fan art for #NowYouKnow tweet it to me ASAP! I’ll RT all of them!,” she posted last night, and the creative floodgates opened up.

Below are some of our favourite fan-made covers for the whopping 18-song mixtape (featuring “Karl Lagerfeld“), and each one totally represents different sides of CWC’s personality. Feast your eyes on ’em, and be sure to check out “Now You Know”!

This entry by @jessiediebolt is almost as colorful as CWC’s rainbow-scaling locks! 

@SbMDesigns captures Chanel’s West Coast vibe, alright!

This one channels Chanel’s sexier side, thanks to @NostalgicJunior.