Chance the rapper joined kendrick lamar onstage for an earth-shaking ‘no problem’

Remember the endless parade of celebrity pals Taylor Swift welcomed to the stage on her 1989 tour? Kendrick Lamar has been on a similar streak this week, bringing out J. Cole in Detroit and surprising Brooklyn with 2 Chainz.

Thursday night (July 27), he continued the tradition in Chicago by tapping the city’s crown prince of hip-hop, Chance the Rapper, to take the stage for a thunderous performance of “No Problem” that had the entire arena singing along.

Chance and Kendrick, both in red, also jumped and danced around onstage together as the song blared overhead. As plenty of fan-captured footage reveals, it was great.

Look, I’m not comparing Kendrick to Taylor Swift. But if he wants to crib a bit from her playbook and keep these surprise appearances coming, I’ll throw my public support behind it. That’s all I’m saying.

The DAMN. tour continues through September, allowing ample more opportunities for onstage team-ups.