Champagne supernova: who will they go visit next?!



Hint: Who would they be video calling?

It’s week six of ‘Degrassi: Champagne Supernova‘ webisode serie, and we can’t give it away yet but  Zig and Miles may just get some answers tonight. They have no idea who handcuffed them and why, but their next visitor leaves them with a realization they haven’t thought of before.

Last week we eliminated Clare but not before giving a helpful hit of finding Zoe. Can the two pull it off, or who will be their next encounter ? Zig seemed to have an idea but there are still a number of ‘Degrassi‘ students left, including the boys themselves!

Here are the pieces we have to far:

‘Jack’  is actually Fernando who lead them to Lola, who sent them go see their rap video after yelling about being liberated from girls. From the hashtags on the video they narrowed it down to Tristan, who sent them after Zoe, and on their way they connected with Clare. Who will it be tonight?

There is still time to vote before tonight’s episode and narrow in on  ‘Who Dun It‘! Don’t forget, a brand new ‘Degrassi’ webisode goes live tonight at 9e/6p on!