Champagne supernova: who will they go visit next?!

desgrassi week 7 teaser shot


Hint: Well Zoe, gave us a pretty good hint last week…Rhymes with PARIAH!

The question becomes, what could she possibly have to say to the boys to make both Zig and Miles look so uncomfortable?

Only three weeks left of Degrassi’s Champagne Supernova  and answers are starting to come in quick! Have any ideas as to this culprits role in this handcuffing? Our guess is you won’t have a clue…or you may. Start putting the pieces together and you might just jump to a conclusion before us! Think you have an idea on the ending? Vote below for ‘Who Dun It‘!

For the rest of you still still guessing it all comes clear real soon! Don’t forget, a brand new ‘Degrassi’ webisode goes live tonight at 9e/6p on!