Champagne supernova: who dun’ it!? (week two)


It’s week two of the ‘Degrassi: Champagne Supernova‘ webisode series and here’s what we know so far:

The temporary tattoo on Zig’s back reading, ‘Jack Has It,’ was in reference to a little pooch with pink locks. It turns out the pooch belongs to Lola and goes by the name Fernando. According to Lola, Zig and Miles ran off with Fernando while yelling about liberating guys from the chains of girls. Interesting choice of words considering they’re currently chained to each other. Could that mean it was a girl that handcuffed them together? Maybe, but that’s not what viewers thought after last week’s premiere.

How you voted: 

Last week we asked you to weigh in and vote for the person you think has the key. 51% voted Tristan and 17% voted Maya. When asked who you thought they would visit next, the majority of you voted Lola and you were right!

So tell us! Do you still think Tristan or Maya has the key or did Zig and Miles’ visit with Lola change your mind? And who will they visit next? Vote in our poll below and be sure to come back next week when a brand new webisode premieres Tuesday night at 9e/6p on!

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