Champagne supernova: who dun’ it!? (week three)

Zig and Miles (Champagne Supernova)

So now it’s week three of Degrassi’s Champagne Supernova, and the battle over whether the culprit is a male or female is closing in. 

Zig and Miles find the not-so clever rap video of themselves dissing ‘Degrassi’ Girls in a rather intoxicated state. Horrified at their ‘performance’ and determine to undo their new dislike for women, they must find out who the accomplice was in filming and posting the video. Unfortunately, it was posted from a dummy account. Whoever it was must have found some amusement in it. The question is, what could have happened to make them say such dumb things? To find out they must track down the accomplice—It has to be someone that hates Miles enough to make this public.  What gives it away? The hash tags.  #youcankeephimmaya #dodgedthatbullet

How you voted: 

Last week, after chasing down Lola and her little pooch Fernando, we had you vote on who you though held they key. 21% voted for Maya, and 37% thought the boys would be running after Tristan.

Did this week narrow it down for you? With Maya mentioned in the hashtag, who does that lead us to next? Will the next person they visit finally have the key? Vote in our poll below and be sure to come back next week when a brand new webisode premieres Tuesday night at 9e/6p on!

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