Champagne supernova: who dun’ it!? (week six)

Finally some answers on Degrassi’s Champagne Supernova week six!

What was Zig’s big plan from last week? Calling Zoe from a blocked number, who answers with “Seriously?” Zoe tells Zig he has a lot of nerve calling her after last last. Zig begins to apologize refusley before Zoe stops him in his tracks. Apparently it’s not what he DID but what he  DIDN’T do. While Zoe snuck out of her house after being grounded to meet Zig, he stood her up in order to go drinking with ” Miles Holingsworth The Terd.” Zoe confronts Zig telling him if he didn’t want to date her after finding out she sold boob picks than he should have just said so. To Zig’s surprise, he had not clue that Zoe was behind Degrassi Nudes. Miles gets involved laughing at the fact that she was the mastermind behind it who now everyone hates – that’s what she gets for trying to blame his little sister! Zoe smirks and tells Miles she is feeling a little less sorry for giving him that black eye. Finally one, piece answered!  Turns out Zig just ducked. But who is behind all this? Lets see, these two boys in trouble together? Zoe gives them a little hint: Rhymes with PERIAH.

 How You Voted: 

Last week Clare wished the boys luck getting a hold of Zoe. Without knowing Zig’s master plan you voted on who would help them get in touch with Zoe or if his plan would work.. 29% of voters thought it would be Winston and only 14% guessed Zoe.

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