Champagne supernova: who dun’ it!? (week one)

Zig and Miles

There you have it! Zig and Miles will be attached at the wrist for the next 8 weeks as ‘Degrassi”s newest web series, ‘Champagne Supernova‘ unfolds with brand new webisodes premiering online every Tuesday night at 9e/6p on!

Tonight’s premiere of the first two webisodes placed Zig and Miles in a less than ideal situation when the two frenemies woke-up hungover and handcuffed together without a single memory from the night before.

Thanks to Jack’s quick thinking and handy penmanship, Zig and Miles’ first clue came in the form of a temporary tattoo that read, ‘Jack Has It.’ Unfortunately, Jack’s message wasn’t referring to the key they were hoping for. It turns out Jack was referring to a cute little ball of fluff that came complete with pink locks.

So, who do you think handcuffed Zig and Miles together and who do you think the adorable puppy belongs to? Likely the person the guys will be visiting next!

Click the image below to weigh in with your votes in our ‘Champagne Supernova: Who Dun’ It?‘ poll and be sure to come back every Tuesday at 9e/6p for more webisodes following Zig and Miles on their hangover journey!

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