Champagne supernova: who dun’ it!? (week four)


By Rachel Hunter

Degrassi’s Champagne Supernova is on it’s forth webisode and the boys are still fresh out of luck!

The Buzz of an angry bee is definitely following Miles, and Zig is getting dragged into it…or is he to blame too? Tristan is confronted for posting the boys “rap video” online and although he is not Miles’ biggest fan at the moment, he denies handcuffing the boys. Yes, he found humour in the fact that they were ranting about their dislike for girls—no wonder, since he’s still apparently heartbroken—but it’s not his fault people find their antics hilarious… Or do they?

So if Miles and Zig were handcuffed before they met Tristan what could they have possibly done?  Their only clue is from Tristan’s annoyance over his best friend  Zoe getting hurt, and it’s looking like Zig is to blame! Without any recollection of their night, Zig and Miles have no idea what they could have done to upset Zoe, and of course Tristan is no help. He tells the boys to ask Zoe herself… if they can find her.

How You Voted:

It was pretty clear at the end of the last week’s webisode who they were going to see as 37% voted for Tristan and 20% thought the boys would be running to Maya.

After this week it seems as through Miles and Zig are on the straight and narrow to find their next culprit! But wait, didn’t Tristan say it would be hard to find her? Vote below and let us know who you think they will meet next on the pursuit to find Zoe. Can the boys track her down?

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