Champagne supernova: who dun’ it!? (week five)



Here we go, it’s week Five of ‘Degrassi’s Champagine Supernova‘ and the answers are slowly coming together.

Miles and Zig received a rude and confused welcoming from Clare when they knocked on her door. A basket was left on her porch by Eli, filled with treats and snacks that would be sure to fill her craving. Zig almost lost their chance of gaining information after joking about the basket and asking ” What, does he think you are pregnant or something?”

Zig continued to stumble over his words until Miles stepped in to explain that they were looking for Zoe. Clare overheard that Zoe was on house arrest, which could explain why she hasn’t been answering her phone. So until they can get a hold of Zoe, the hunt continues!

How You Voted:

Last week threw you for a loop as  27% of viewers thought that Zig and Miles would be running off to see Winston, while 22% thought it would be Maya. The webisode left off with the challenge to find Zoe and the boys are still on the hunt after tonight. What idea does Zig have now? Does he know someone that will have further information about how to get in touch with Zoe?

Vote in our poll below and come back Tuesday nights for brand new ‘Degrassi’ webisodes and to watch as the pieces of the puzzle come together!

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