‘challenge’ superstar paula and ‘guy code”s pete davidson sing the ballad of diem and ct

Romeo and Juliet might be the go-to couple for star-crossed love references, but those two crazy kids barely lasted a few days before offing themselves. Not exactly the most effective act of rebellion. You want a real saga of true romance? Look no further than the “Challenge“‘s CT and Diem, who have been toying with each other’s hearts for close to TEN YEARS. To put that in perspective, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have only been together for eight.

From the minute they entered the house, Diem has tried to sidestep the fact that she and CT clearly still have feelings for one another, but last night, a mix of hormones and Thailand heat got the best of her, and she succumbed to a brief make-out session with him at the bar. Conveniently, Diem didn’t seem to remember the PDA, but luckily, we have “Rivals II” competitor Paula Meronek and Pete Davidson of “Guy Code” in the “Challenge Screening Room” to call horse s**t. Blackout, shmackout…

In the clip below, Paula attempts to explain CT and Diem’s tricky relationship to Pete, though the conversation quickly veers off into sexual innuendo (something about jamming puzzle pieces into the wrong holes…). Check out the video to hear their humorous take on the pair’s possibly rekindled romance, and let us know if you think love is in the air again!