“challenge” sneak peek: marie steps in to break up nany’s coed brawl

One of the biggest fights this “Challenge” season is about to erupt. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

In this sneak peek of the next episode, Nany’s ears begin to burn after settling in for what she hoped would be a relaxing night. The Vegas beauty decides she can’t sit idly by while people gossip about her, and she instigates a fight with Derek, who she thinks has been a flaky friend lately. As soon as she calls his loyalty into question, the screaming match begins, and when she directs a second finger in Frank’s direction for sh**-talking, it’s double the trouble.

Frank, Derek and their frenemy engage in an indecipherable ping-pong match of shouts and obscenities, but Marie won’t stand for it. Even though it could put St. Thomas‘ spot in jeopardy, she gets her girl’s back, clawing her way toward the skirmish. “I care about defending my friend who needs my help right now,” she says. In most cases, that would be deemed a winning attitude, but this is “The Challenge,” where alliances are everything…

Check out the video, and see how the fight plays out November 28 at 10:00pm et/pt on the next “Battle Of The Seasons.”